DESMON(CHINA)CO.,LTD limited is conveniently located in the Chang Ping Town in
the City of Dongguan, with excellent transport links to the surrounding area and
all major cities. The enterprise currently employs around 100 people and is a
Chinese-foreign joint venture, with headquarters located in Italy and seamless
communication between offices. For many years the company has consistently upheld
real service spirit, and whilst we put quality first, - the customer remains supreme.

The company has gained advantage through the installation of advanced technological
equipment from Italy, and now specializes in the production of polyurethane cold storage
heat preservation board. As a result our product is the bestselling product of it's type
in South-East Asia; has been successfully sold in distant European markets; and the
service will be expanded as new markets are found - the aim for our technical force
to comprehensively serve the global marketplace.
Cold Room Structure
Cold Room Structure
Desmon cold room system consists
of insulated sandwich panel
using polyurethane foam as
core material.We use "L" or "T"
model panel to connect the
corner so the system is most
ideal and practical for the
needs of any different sizes
of cold rooms.Further more,
Desmon cold room panels are
added creative design clements
that are "Wave" and "Round
Corner & Round Edges" .The new
design allows easy eleaning
and maintenance for both the
floor and internal vertical
Panel Specification
Panel Specification
Standard width of panel is from
300mm to 1200mm and height is
from 2000mm to 9000mm ,which
meets various customers need.
Choice Of Material
Choice Of Material
Color plate (it was cold-rolled
galvanized steel substrate, the
surface of fat, phosphate, chromate
treatment, and so on, painted by
the organic coating by baking. Test
proved that the color plates in
the oven of 120 C heating in a
row 96 hours, the surface coating
Luster color without any change,
after bending or without stamping
surface coating off, than the
quality of coating on the surface
of metal forming monomer Brush
or spray the quality of a more
uniform, more stable, better Can
maintain 15 to 20 years is not
bright rust color.
The international community is
rapidly developed a new type of
pre-coated steel products.
In addition, we also provide
embossed aluminum, stainless
steel, PVC plate, galvanized
sheet, non-slip aluminum sheet,
plate of rock for the customer
to choose.
Panel Fasteners
Panel Fasteners
Every panel consists of tongue
and groove construction and can
be tightened by a number of
excentric fasteners,which
can be unscrewed easily with a
hexagonal key.
Round Corner&Round Edges
Round Corner&
Round Edges
The naturally formed Round
Corner & Round Edges has Drawn
praises form all over the world
for its hygienic corners and
protection.It allows easy
cleaning and maintenace for
both the floor and the internal
vertical corners.