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improve human comfort, safeguard food and protect the environment.
New Condensing Units with Stream Semi-Hermetic Compressors
New Condensing
Units with Stream
Stream based units are approved for
operation with R404A, R134a, R407A/C/F
and R22. Having the choice between
several refrigerants for the same
compressor without any performance
compromises is an important and
unique benefit made possible by
the Emerson owned and patented
DiscusT valve plate technology.
Compared to other semi-hermetic
reciprocating compressors, this
technology allows for better
performance. Additionally, the
ability to choose the refrigerant
increases flexibility in the
system design. The new units
already meet future efficiency
requirements of the European
Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC).
Copeland Scroll Outdoor Condensing Unit
Copeland Scroll
Outdoor Condensing
The Copeland Scroll Outdoor Condensing
Unit is an integrated solution that,
as a whole, exceeds the performance of
its individual components, ultimately
easing installation and service for
contractors and providing a highly
efficient, reliable and cost-saving
product for end-users. It provides
the foodservice industry with enhanced
energy efficiency, reliability and
flexibility in a slim-profile package.
With a Copeland Scroll compressor,
variable speed PSC fan motor and
advanced Copeland PerformanceAlertT
diagnostics, this condensing unit
offers trusted durability and energy
savings greater than 20%, as well
as increased system diagnostic
capabilities. With its lighter
weight, ease of maneuverability
and vertical orientation, this
high efficiency condensing unit
also allows for improved installation,
ease of service and increased
installation location options.
Copeland Scroll ZX series condensing
units provide the highest value in
its category. It applies the unique
scroll technology to provide the
initial value difference to customers
for medium and low temperature
refrigeration applications.
Copeland Scroll ZX series condensing
units are equipped with the E2
Controller that provides real-time
monitoring of compressor operating
conditions and initiates actions to
keep the compressor within the safe
zone. Based on a joint field testing
with customers, these condensing
units can save up to 30% on annual
energy savings and up to $650
annually on electrical bills
(for the 5 HP nominal system).

Copeland Scroll ZX series condensing
units are compact and stylish.
Its quiet, outdoor-type chassis
makes it an ideal choice for urban
small retail applications.
1/8 to 5 HP hermetic reciprocating
compressors provide cost-effective
solutions to systems requiring a wide
range of evaporating capability. More
than 300 models are available,
enabling design engineers to match
the right compressor to the job requirement
for optimum energy efficiency.
1/4 to 60 HP reciprocating compressors
provide premium alternatives for systems
requiring full temperature performance
including low temperature evaporating
conditions to -40C.
Condensing Units
Scroll Compressors
1 to 40 HP scroll compressors for
every application, including commercial and
residential air conditioning, commercial
and industrial refrigeration, and refrigerated
transport. Copeland ScrollT compressors
deliver unmatched performance and comfort
for homeowners and end-users alike. With
over 80 million units manufactured worldwide,
Copeland Scroll compressors have earned a
reputation for reliability and lower
energy costs.