Hussmann is an industry leader dedicated to quality products, superior service, advanced
technology and unmatched value for every customer. It is continually expanding into new
markets and emerging product areas as opportunities develop in the expanding
international food industry.
Display Cases
Suitable for:
- Meat
- Dairy
- Produce
- Frozen
- Deli
- Seafood
- Hot foods
- Prepared Foods
- Bakery
- Floral
Refrigeration System
A proven supermarket refrigeration
system for reducing refrigerant charge
and installation, construction, and
operating cost.
Standard Features:
- Permanently lubricated, thermally
  protected motors
- Die-formed patterned aluminum
  cabinet and drain pan
  with easy-to-clean radius corners
- Pressurized, sealed coils with
  heavy-walled copper tube and
  rippled full collar aluminum fins.
- High efficiency 115 or
  230 volt PSC motors
- Electric defrost models
  feature efficient coil face
  heaters, drain pan heaters
  and defrost controls
- Factory wired fan and defrost
  controls with convenient
  terminal strips
- Swept Wing Fan Blade Design,
  an industry exclusive, providing
  minimal noise and improved customer
Electrical Distribution
Save Time and Money on Future
Construction Projects
- Consistent Quality Location
  to Location
- Increased Interior Floor Space
- Potential Increase in Tax Benefits
- Faster Delivery
- Earlier Store Openings Due to
  Shorter Construction Time
- Lower Overall Costs
- Less Coordination Required
  on Job Site
- Eliminate Temporary Power
Hussmann's Innovator doors take a
radically new approach to door
construction, substantially
reducing energy costs and
increasing product illumination.
Consider the benefits:
- 25% Reach-In Energy Savings
- 40% Brighter Product Lighting
- Reliable, Optimized Lighting System
- Reliable Door Hold-Open,
  "Shopper-Friendly" Handle
- Simplified Service/Maintenance
Koxka has been at the forefront of commercial refrigeration research for 40 years supplying
quality systems to the large- and small-scale food sectors. Koxka has a permanent
commitment to the environment guaranteed by a number of safeguards, standards and
internal regulations regarding our production chain and all our commercial products.