Condensing Units

Air Cooled Condensing units using Hermetically-sealed Compressors. Refrigeration
capacity: 0.1 Hp ~ 11 Hp. Durable Hermetically-sealed Tecumseh France Compressors.
Designed for medium temp. applications (R-22 / R-134a / R-404a), Low temp.
applications (R-134a / R-404a) up to (-35oC).. Oversized condensers for high
performance at high ambient conditions.
All units are fitted with the following standard accessories:
- Liquid receiver
- Electrical box
- Condensing unit base
- Service valves on suction & liquid side
- High & Low Pressure Switch available only from 2 Hp ~ Up
Emerson Climate Technologies is pleased to announce the release of its
new family of condensing units featuring CopelandT Stream four and six
cylinder semi-hermetic compressors. These new models are designed for
commercial and industrial applications with high capacity demand.
New Condensing Units with Stream Semi-Hermetic Compressors
New Condensing Units with Stream
Semi-Hermetic Compressors
Stream based units are approved for
operation with R404A, R134a, R407A/C/F
and R22. Having the choice between
several refrigerants for the same
compressor without any performance
compromises is an important and
unique benefit made possible by
the Emerson owned and patented
DiscusT valve plate technology.
Compared to other semi-hermetic
reciprocating compressors, this
technology allows for better
performance. Additionally, the
ability to choose the refrigerant
increases flexibility in the
system design. The new units
already meet future efficiency
requirements of the European
Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC).
Air-Cooled Condensing Unit With Semi-Hermetic Compressors. Compressor sizes:
0.5 Hp ~ 30 Hp. Designed for medium and low temperature application up to (-40oC).
Reliable & Durable Frascold Compressors for all units. Suitable for medium and low
temp application up to (-40oC). Refrigerant: R-22 / R-404a / R-507. Oversized
condensers for high performance at high ambient conditions
All units can be fitted with the following accessories:
- Liquid receiver
- Pressure relief and service valve
- Filter drier
- Sight glass
- Shut-off valve
- Oil differential pressure switch
- High/Low pressure switch with manual reset
- Low pressure switch with automatic reset
- Complete control box with all connections: Fuses,
   disconnect switches,
- Time delay relay, 220 v transformer
- ON / OFF / ALARM indicator lights
- ON / OFF switch on door