f and Visograph

Controllers for compressor rack up to 15 compressors / fans

  • up to: 8 probe inputs
  • up to: 17 configurable relays
  • up to: 23 configurable d.i.
  • kind of compressors: multi-stages, differing power, semi-hermetic, scroll and screw
  • 2 analogue outputs for frequency compressors
  • 2 analogue outputs for inverter for fans
  • proportional band or dead band control
  • temperature and pressure display depending on the gas (also for ammonia)
  • reduced set point for energy saving management
  • time running hour signal for maintenance
  • special adaptive algorithm for energy saving
  • subcooling management
  • standard communication protocol ModBUS-RTU
  • Programmable semi-graphic display
  • (LCD -240x96pixel)
  • user friendly interface
  • great versatility and extensive customization opportunities
  • wall or panel mounting
  • multi-master devices (up to 3 interface)
Innovative Technology with RELEASE .1 Compressors
RELEASE .1 Compressor

FRASCOLD is committed to continuous improvement of existing products as well as development of new projects to enhance system efficiency and increase reliability.

The result is "Release.1", the newest line of innovative compressors that comes from constant investments in research and development. Quality, efficiency, safety, reliability distinguishing the standard production, have been further improved with "release.1" project.

"Release.1" means the fully satisfactory response to the more and more strict requirements for energy saving, efficiency and acoustic pollution reduction. "Release.1" compressors meet the strict requirements of ASERCOM certifying procedure for performance data certification.

The high standard of this certification is assured both by plausibility checks of the data performed by expert and by regular random tests at independent institutes.

agION Antimicrobial

Starting March 2007, ICEMATIC will include AgION Antimicrobial protection compound in the manufacturing process of the components used in all the range of icemakers to provide safe, effective, long-lasting protection from bacteria growth. The AgION compound consists of a patented delivery process that releases silver ions to the surface at a slow and steady rate. This creates a self-protecting surface that provides safe, continuous, long-term protection from microbes and bacteria. This enhancement will provide customers with products that contain safe, reliable, long-lasting antimicrobial technology.

Whats New in LU-VE

LU-VE has been in business since January 1986, so we are currently celebrating our 20th anniversary. It has its roots in Contardo, a company founded in 1928, that was always in the forefront of technical development. LU-VE has distinguished itself and imposed itself on the market thanks to high quality standards of products, to new technical solutions studied in its laboratories and to the quality Italian style design.

Tecumseh Product Company Announces Compliance with Nasdaq Filing Requirements

TECUMSEH, Mich., April 18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Tecumseh Products Company (NASDAQ: TECUA)(NASDAQ: TECUB) ("Tecumseh" or the "Company") announced today that on April 16, 2007, it received a letter from Nasdaq informing the Company that it had regained compliance with Nasdaq's Marketplace Rule 4310(c)(14). Accordingly, its shares are no longer subject to delisting.

The Company had previously been informed by Nasdaq on April 3, 2007 via a staff determination letter that it had failed to comply with the filing requirements for continued listing. Nasdaq issued the letter because the Company had delayed filing its 2006 Annual Report on Form 10-K. The Company filed its Form 10-K on April 10, 2007, thereby curing the filing deficiency.

Tecumseh Product Company Announces Compliance with Nasdaq Filing Requirements

ebm-papst Inc., the leading manufacturer of motors and fans, will be releasing a new and improved range of tubeaxial product to the market from our 600 series 60 mm (2.36 in.) fans to our 6000 series 172 mm by 51 mm (6.77 in. by 2 in.) product. New pages will be added to our online catalog and at our new products section starting February 2007. Add to your favorites and be the first to see the new product as it is introduced.