"You'll Value the Difference"™ is a statement that has 50 years of experience in research
and development, cost effective manufacturing methods, strong global distribution
networks and focused customer service behind it. "You'll Value the Difference"™ is
a living philosophy that will positively affect every aspect of your involvement
Bins and Storage
Modular Ice Storage Bins
Ice Dispensers
Choose from the 3 categories:
- Hotel
- Ice & Water
- Ice Only
Ice Machines, Cubers
Choose from the 3 categories:
- Modular
- Undercounter
- Remote Low Side/Eclipse™
Ice Machines, Flakers
Choose from the 3 categories:
- Modular
- Undercounter
- Remote Low Side/Eclipse™
Ice Machines, Nuggets
Choose from the 3 categories:
- Modular
- Undercounter
- Remote Low Side/Eclipse™
Since 1962 ICEMATIC means ice. More than 40 years of history result in great experience
and achievements in engineering, designing and producing the Icematic ice-makers, which
are now well known for their performances, reliability and easy installation system.
Hole Ice Cube
ICEMATIC machines produce the typical hole ice
cube which customers appreciate so much because
of its high heat exchange surface: this kind of cube
melts down slowly and the liquid in which it is
dropped grows cold quickly.
Modular Ice Makers with
Vertical Evaporators
The modular ice cube machines with
vertical evaporator are specially
conceived for large scale users: fast
foods, discos, hotels and bars,
combining maximum energy yield and
low investments.

The vertical evaporator produces an
ice sheet that, dropping into the bin,
breaks into single die-shaped cubes.
Rake Ice Maker
The ICEMATIC machines produce ice which is dry
but close to the melting point, allowing
substantial energy saving and maximum cooling
capacity. This kind of ice is particularly useful
in supermarkets and restaurants (for displaying
and preserving fresh food and fish), medical labs,
and several industrial applications.
Storage Bins
ICEMATIC storage bins are specially
designed to fit the different models of
modular ice makers with vertical evaporator
and flake ice machines.
Blast Chillers and
Shock Freezers
The ICEMATIC production includes a wide and
complete range of blast chillers to meet all needs,
from the small snack bar to the big foodservice
Refrigerated Cabinets
Our continuous dedication to research
and design has produced the new
range of RC Refrigerated Cabinets,
characterized by a new refined design
with great care for details. The
innovative and exclusive solutions
adopted in ICEMATIC Refrigerated
Cabinets are studied to make the work
of professional users easier and
easier. The combination of large
internal volume, cutting-edge
performances, great reliability
and innovative design guarantees
a pleasant new work environment for
all users.
Drinking Water Coolers
Continuous-flow water cooler in compliance
with the latest health regulation.

- Production(glasses/hour) : 350
- Height: 1040mm
- Width: 400mm
- Depth: 330 mm