Dixell's products are supplied and supported all around the world by a commercial
network made up of qualified and constantly update staff, to ensure the right choice and
availability of a post-sale service.
Mechanical Measurement
- Thermometer
- Thermostat
Murco Gas Monitor and Detector
Murco Gas Monitor
and Detector
With MURCO Fixed Monitoring Systems
for refrigeration leaks, you can
configure controllers and remote
sensors to meet your requirements
for point or perimeter detection.
You can monitor most common
refrigerants or ammonia.

Controllers are available using one
or two sensors (shown here) or four
or six sensors.
Humidifier Dehumidifier
Humidifier, Dehumidifier
- Adiabatic Humidifiers
- Dehumidifiers (Domestic)
- Dehumidifiers (Professional)
- Produce Misting
- Service Case and Ice Table Humidification
Condensate Pumps
Condensate Pumps
Designed to collect and remove heavy
condensates from refrigeration
display cases and air conditioning
systems and condensing boilers, with
or without condensate drain pans.
We serve all markets including IT & Telecomm, HVAC, Refrigeration, Gas & Heating,
Household Appliances, Industrial, Drive Systems, Automotive & Rail Technology, Medical,
and more. You can always count on prompt, courteous service. Customer satisfaction is
our number one priority.
Applications include the following:
- Climate Control Systems
- E-Box Cooling
- Battery Compartments
- Navigational Aids
- Mobile Air Conditioning
- Cabinet Fans
- Roof Lamps
- Air Ventilation in Driver Cabs
- Mobile Refrigeration Units
- Heating Applications
- Mobile Homes/Campers and
Off-Road Vehicles
Household Appliance
Household Appliance
ebm-papst offers the Frost-Free fans
for the harsh environments within
refrigerators, freezer condensers,
and compressor cooling. In short here
are a few benefits of this fan:
- Operates on a wide range of
- Encapsulated motor provides
  humidity protection and frostfree
- Low power consumption.
- Reliable operating life of up
  to 80,000 hours.
- Refrigeration plants with
  condensers and evaporators
- Cooling and refrigeration
  units in cold storage houses
- Beverage coolers
- Cooling cabinets for wholesale
  trade and retail
- Freezer chests
- Freezer cabinets
Build well designed, quality products, instruct on installation and application, service the
product and the customers, and establish equable/firm sales policies, but with the
emphasis always on quality.
Thermostataic Expansion Valves
Thermostatic Expansion Valves
With over twenty types of TEV's, Sporlan valves
are designed for real world situations. Features
include replaceable thermostatic elements for
performance and serviceability; patented removable
inlet strainers for quick cleaning; and knife edge
joints to assure tight seals. Then, add quality
materials, skilled craftsmanship, inspection and
testing processes throughout production, and you
know when you ask for Sporlan, you're getting the
best. When reliability, performance and long life
are required, Sporlan is the global preference.
Refrigerant Distributer
Refrigerant Distributor
When refrigerant passes through the
thermostatic expansion valve (TEV), the
intended circuits do not always receive
equal amounts of refrigerant. If not
corrected, system performance will
certainly suffer. Refrigerant separates
unevenly for two reasons:

- refrigerant is predominantly liquid by
  weight, but vapor occupies most of the
- liquid and vapor flow at different
Solenoid Valves
Solenoid Valves
Sporlan's complete line of normally-open or
normally-closed solenoid valves are available
with a full range of voltages and frequencies.
That means we always have the right valve for
your job. And, our extended solder connections
not only cut installation time, there is no need
to disassemble when brazing, reducing the risk
of refrigerant leaks. Proven synthetic materials
ensure precise control and lasting valve-seat
tightness and, all our solenoid valves are 100%
tested, UL listed and CSA approved.
Contaminant Barriers
Contaminant Barriers
Start protecting your system with
the famous molded porous core
Catch-All. The Catch-All captures
all sorts of contaminants and is
compatible with every refrigerant.
Sporlan suction filters, unparalleled
in compressor protection, they
provide an exclusive
bi-directional flow feature and
excellent filtration ability. Then,
reinforce the barrier with Sporlan's
See-All moisture and liquid indicator
and Sporlan TA-1 and AK-3 acid
test kits.
Pressure Regulating Valves
Pressure Regulating Valves
Serious professionals rely on Sporlan to keep things
cool. Built for extremes, Sporlan PRVs give you
durability, reliability, the highest-quality components,
and precision engineering. Plus peace of mind.
Sporlan valves are compact, tested for accuracy,
and easy to install. And with Sporlan you get
superior service every step of the way.

For peak system performance, follow the leader.
Specify Sporlan PRVs. Because there's no
substitute for quality.
Level Control System
Level Control System
Sporlan's keys to successful oil
management are the OL-1 and the
OL-2 Mechanical Oil Controls. They
take charge; monitoring and
maintaining an ideal balance at all
times, keeping system oil on the
level and your compressor protected.
Sporlan's Oil Management line also
includes the OR-1 1/2 Oil Reservoir
and the OCV-20 Check Valve, the
components you need to keep things
running smoothly. Sporlan's Oil
Management System is on a level
of its own.